April 4, 2024

Vanity Tops

A vanity top should combine form and function. To remain durable enough for daily use by small children or teenagers using the bathroom, as well as look good aesthetically with its decor, regular wiping down with damp cloth or sponge helps prevent smudges or grime build-up on its surface.

Prefabricated and custom countertop surfaces can serve as vanity tops, with your choice depending on both budget and style preferences. Quartz and granite are both very hardwearing but costly options, while cultured marble/onyx is less costly yet still highly durable; its nonporous surface protects it from hair dye, shampoo, soaps and other bathroom products while its nonporous nature also allows it to be polished back up after minor scratches occur, repolished to repair minor flaws.

Laminate flooring is the cost-effective choice when working within a strict budget and comes in an assortment of styles that mimic more expensive materials. While laminate stands up well against moisture exposure, it should not be subjected to direct heat such as that found from curling irons and hair dryers as this can damage it over time and dull its look over time.

For a customized look, consider opting for a natural stone countertop such as granite or marble for your vanity top. They're highly durable, visually striking, and available in multiple colors and patterns - or go neutral by opting for wood such as maple or cherry as an alternative material.

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