July 14, 2023

How To Choose The Right Area Rug Size For Your Room

Why is choosing the right area rug size important?

Area rugs not only add warmth and style to a room, but they also play a crucial role in defining the space. Choosing the right area rug size is essential as it can visually enhance or detract from the overall aesthetic appeal. A well-chosen area rug can bring harmony and balance to a room, while an improperly sized one can make the space feel disjointed and cramped.

Consider the dimensions of your room

Before venturing out to purchase a new area rug, it's crucial to measure the dimensions of your room. Consider the size of the furniture pieces and the layout of the space. Are you placing the rug in a seating area, dining room, or bedroom? Understanding the dimensions and purpose of your room will help you determine the appropriate rug size for your specific needs.

Seating area rugs

If you're looking to add an area rug to a seating area, such as a living room or family room, it's essential to ensure that all the furniture legs fit comfortably on the rug. An optimal arrangement is to place the front legs of your sofas and chairs on the rug, with the back legs off the rug, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look. This creates a sense of connection between the furniture pieces while adding depth to the room.

Dining room rugs

When it comes to dining room rugs, the goal is to accommodate the dining table and all chairs, even when they're pulled out. Measure the length and width of your dining table and add at least 24 inches on each side to allow enough space for the chairs to slide in and out smoothly. This ensures that the chairs remain on the rug even when they're occupied, preventing any tripping hazards.

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Bedroom rugs

Placing an area rug in a bedroom can add warmth and comfort, especially when stepping out of bed. For bedrooms, consider placing a large rug that extends beyond the sides of the bed. This provides a plush surface for your feet and adds a luxurious touch. Alternatively, you can opt for two smaller area rugs placed on either side of the bed to create symmetry and add a cozy feel.

Choosing the right shape of area rug

While rectangular rugs are the most common and versatile choice, there are various shapes to consider. Round rugs work well in small spaces or to soften the sharp edges of furniture. Square rugs can complement rooms with symmetrical layouts. Irregularly shaped rugs can add a unique and artistic touch. Ultimately, the shape of the area rug should harmonize with the overall design and flow of the room.

Optical illusions with area rug size

If you have a small room that you want to make appear larger, a trick is to choose a larger area rug. Placing a rug that is slightly larger than the actual size of the room will create an optical illusion of a larger space. Conversely, in a large room, opting for a smaller rug can define specific areas within the room, making it feel more intimate and cozy.


Choosing the right area rug size is a crucial element in creating a visually appealing and harmonious space. Consider the dimensions of your room, the purpose of the rug, and the size of your furniture when selecting an area rug. By carefully selecting the appropriate size and shape of the rug, you can transform your room and enhance its overall ambiance.

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