August 19, 2023

20 Of The Most Innovative Office Spaces Around The Globe

1. Awe-Inspiring Designs

Office spaces have evolved tremendously over the years, with companies seeking innovative ways to enhance productivity and creativity. From tech giants to startups, businesses are investing in creating work environments that are truly unique and inspiring. Here are 20 of the most innovative office spaces around the globe that will leave you in awe.

2. Google Dublin Campus, Ireland

Nestled in the heart of Dublin, the Google Dublin Campus features vibrant and playful interiors. Each floor represents a different aspect of Ireland's cultural and historical heritage, with themed meeting rooms, artwork by local artists, and even a moss-covered "Greenhouse" brainstorming area. The design fosters collaboration and sparks creativity.

3. Airbnb, San Francisco, USA

Airbnb's headquarters in San Francisco capture the essence of their brand – a sense of adventure, belonging, and home. The office spaces are designed to mimic various Airbnb listings, showcasing diverse destinations from around the globe. Each space reflects the culture and style of the respective location, providing a truly immersive experience.

4. Red Bull, London, UK

Red Bull's London office is a high-energy space that exudes the brand's ethos: "Red Bull gives you wings." The office boasts recreational areas such as a skate ramp, ping pong tables, and even a secret bar hidden behind a bookshelf. The vibrant colors, unique furniture, and playful decor all contribute to an invigorating work atmosphere.

5. Etsy, Brooklyn, USA

Etsy's Brooklyn headquarters perfectly embodies their commitment to supporting creativity and craftsmanship. The space is adorned with handmade and vintage items sourced from the Etsy platform itself. With art-filled meeting rooms and cozy communal areas, Etsy's office space reflects their mission of empowering artists and creators.

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6. Pixar Animation Studios, California, USA

Pixar Animation Studios is renowned for its extraordinary creativity, and their office space reflects this spirit. The campus features whimsical architecture, colorful interiors, and beautiful gardens. The expansive atrium, known as the "Steve Jobs Building," acts as the central hub where employees from different departments can interact and spark new ideas.

7. Selgas Cano Architecture Office, Madrid, Spain

The Selgas Cano Architecture Office in Madrid is a true architectural masterpiece. The office is partially set underground and features a unique curved design with floor-to-ceiling windows that blend seamlessly with the surrounding forest. Working in this office space feels like being one with nature, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

8. Mindvalley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mindvalley's office in Kuala Lumpur fosters personal growth and a sense of community. The space incorporates elements of nature, such as indoor gardens, natural materials, and vibrant colors. Employees have access to cozy reading nooks, meditation rooms, and a rooftop garden that provides breathtaking views of the city skyline.

9. Innocent Drinks, London, UK

Innocent Drinks' London office radiates a sense of fun and friendly vibes. The space features grass-covered floors, cozy meeting pods shaped like igloos, and colorful swings. The office also boasts a rooftop garden where employees can relax and enjoy smoothies made from the company's fresh fruit blends.

10. Amazon, Seattle, USA

Amazon's headquarters in Seattle sets new standards for innovation and sustainability. The newly constructed office towers provide an abundance of natural light, open spaces for collaboration, and sustainable features such as rainwater collection systems. The unique "Spheres," housing a variety of exotic plants, serve as relaxation areas for employees.

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11. LEGO, Billund, Denmark

LEGO's headquarters in Billund capture the essence of creativity and playfulness. The office spaces are adorned with LEGO sculptures and feature interactive zones where employees can build and experiment. The colorful and vibrant environment sparks imagination and encourages out-of-the-box thinking.

12. Facebook, Menlo Park, USA

Facebook's sprawling headquarters in Menlo Park push the boundaries of modern office design. The workspace is designed to encourage collaboration with open floor plans, numerous social areas, and even an on-site bike repair shop. The campus also includes a rooftop garden, walking trails, and an outdoor amphitheater for events and gatherings.

13. Soundcloud, Berlin, Germany

Soundcloud's Berlin office sets the stage for a creative and music-filled work environment. The space features soundproof recording studios, DJ booths, and interactive multimedia installations. The design reflects the company's commitment to supporting emerging artists and their passion for all things audio.

14. Microsoft, Vienna, Austria

Microsoft's Vienna office combines modern design with historical elements. The office is located in a renovated building from the late 19th century, blending old-world charm with contemporary workspaces. The open-plan areas, vibrant colors, and state-of-the-art technology create an inspiring space for innovation and collaboration.

15. Adobe, San Jose, USA

Adobe's headquarters in San Jose epitomize their commitment to creativity and innovation. The office spaces are designed to be flexible and adaptable to employees' needs, with movable walls and modular furniture. The unique design elements, such as digital art installations, inspire and foster creativity among employees.

16. Shopify, Ottawa, Canada

Shopify's office in Ottawa reflects their dedication to simplicity and minimalism. The workspace features clean lines, neutral colors, and open work areas. The office also includes recreational spaces such as a mini-golf course, indoor bike racks, and nap pods, allowing employees to recharge and find inspiration.

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17. Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, USA

Wieden+Kennedy's Portland office embodies creativity and boldness. The space showcases large-scale artwork, unique sculptures, and custom murals created by local artists. The office also features open common areas with cozy seating and even a vintage airstream trailer for meetings, providing a diverse and inspiring work environment.

18. Zappos, Las Vegas, USA

Zappos' office in Las Vegas creates a playful and vibrant atmosphere. The space includes a slide connecting two floors, game rooms, and themed conference rooms designed to resemble famous pop culture settings. This unconventional approach encourages employees to think outside the box and embody the company's core values.

19. Airbnb, Singapore

Airbnb's Singapore office is a testament to the fusion of technology and nature. The space features tropical-themed meeting rooms, lush greenery, and panoramic views of the cityscape. The office design enables employees to find inspiration in the balance between innovation and the natural world.

20. Twitter, San Francisco, USA

Twitter's San Francisco headquarters provide a collaborative and dynamic workspace. The office design emphasizes openness and transparency, with large communal areas and adjustable workstations. The colorful and energetic environment mirrors the fast-paced nature of the platform itself, fostering creativity and connection.

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