January 22, 2024

What is a Fire Road?

what is a fire road

Fire roads are wide dirt roads built specifically to allow large fire trucks and equipment access in case of emergencies such as wildfire. These roadways can be found both urban and rural areas.

Fire roads must meet specific state-mandated requirements in order to meet the needs of fire departments and other emergency response personnel. These standards include:

These roads must not only allow access for fire apparatus, but must be clear of debris, parked vehicles and any obstructions such as fallen branches and snags; in order to be useful to fire trucks they should also be wide enough so full size engines can drive through without having to worry about steep grades or tight turns which might compromise their brakes. Fire lanes around buildings must also be at least 50 ft (16 meters wide to allow proper setup of rescue and ladder trucks.

Finally, roads must be regularly maintained to remain in good condition and ensure fire trucks can always use them. They should also take into account climate and geological considerations in their design.

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