April 3, 2024

The New Kitchen Consigliere in Collingswood

Kitchen Consigliere doesn't try to hide its former owner's criminal past with gold-framed mob portraits by Perry Milou or sconces designed like nine millimeter handguns; rather, chef Angelo Lutz uses this restaurant as an opportunity to honor and embrace his second chance in life while using his restaurant as a charitable platform.

At this casual eatery, traditional Italian-style dishes such as caprese salad, fried calamari and sausage meatball and gemeli are on offer. Chef Angelo Lutz honors home cooking traditions by keeping this dining room cozy while his staff provides friendly conversations to each diner on first name basis and suggests their favorites.

In addition to offering a full menu, this eatery features an impressive selection of cocktails, beer and wine as well as homemade desserts and bread from its kitchen. There is both street and lot parking available for guest convenience.

Location is everything when it comes to Collingswood restaurants, and Kitchen Consigliere certainly lives up to this reputation. Boasting a 15-foot mural of real and fictional mob figures as well as classic gangster movies streaming on television screens, the eatery exudes kitschy charm aplenty. Globe lights crisscross the ceiling while pert black napkins line up tuxedo-style on white tablecloths; strings of globe lights also dot the ceiling, yet its impressive reputation stands up well with Yelp reviews, Google reviews as well as local publications praising its unique brand of kitsch! Regardless, kitchen Consigliere offers plenty of space to host large parties with its private dining room that accommodates large gatherings; ideal for corporate functions!

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