February 5, 2024

The Lost Kitchen in Freedom, Maine

Erin French learned how to cook alongside her father at his diner in Freedom, Maine (population: 719). Fully self-taught from cookbooks alone, French now runs The Lost Kitchen restaurant which draws travelers from around the globe for dining in its dining room built inside a renovated mill. Her resilience echoes throughout The Lost Kitchen dining experience - which speaks volumes.

French's restaurant is an engaging hub of conversation and delicious tastes from her Maine-inspired cuisine, featuring pure, seasonal produce that's been creatively elevated - not forgetting her 17 hour days working tirelessly in service of keeping the business running successfully. But that doesn't prevent French from being vulnerable when talking about her marriage and running the restaurant!

Discover+ docuseries "the lost kitchen" follows her story through its 2019 season, offering viewers an insider view into this restaurant and its 2019 season. To locate it, head south from Belfast down a two-lane country road, cross over a bridge over a rushing stream and soon afterward you will spot its distinctive sanded plank floors, exposed beams, stone-walled wine store of an old mill which once used to power it all - after that it's just a short drive through fields and woods before arriving at its entrance - guests can reserve tables by sending postcards from home!

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