April 3, 2024

The Last Thing He Told Me Filming Locations

As soon as Laura Dave's best-selling novel the last thing he told me would be made into a limited series on television, fans eagerly anticipated how they could join. 13 Going on 30 star Jennifer Garner plays Hannah who's searching for answers after Owen vanishes from their home in Sausalito to Austin Texas where she uncovers a web of lies and betrayal - while its many locations showcase some of America's beautiful landmarks.

Bodega Bay provides an idyllic backdrop for many key scenes in this series, featuring rugged cliffs and crashing waves to bring Hannah and Owen's story of love unfold. Additionally, Muir Woods National Monument stands as an idyllic site to film some of its more dramatic scenes.

Filming took place in San Francisco's bustling city center, capturing its vibrant energy through landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. Furthermore, floating houseboat communities around San Francisco provided filming locations.

The Last Thing He Told Me was shot in Austin, Texas and its vibrant cityscape. Hannah and Bailey's scene at a local bar watching sunset bats was actually shot under Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge which has long been known for offering beautiful sunset views as well as providing the opportunity for bat enthusiasts to view migrating Mexican free-tailed bats during migration season.

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