April 3, 2024

The Best Thrift Stores in LA

Thrifting has quickly become one of the most beloved shopping traditions in LA. However, finding the best stores may prove challenging; therefore, in this article I have gathered up a selection of LA thrift shops sure to please any thrifter!

Goodwill has long been known for providing affordable treasures that make shopping fun - vintage clothing, brand name apparel, wigs, furniture and so much more are available at this iconic thrift shop. Plus, their part of proceeds go toward charity!

Considered one of Los Angeles' premier thrift stores, Society of St. Vincent de Paul location offers affordable clothes, shoes and accessories. Their thrifting efforts play an essential role in diverting a significant amount of general and clothing waste away from landfills - an absolute must visit!

Buffalo Exchange is one of the best places in LA to find vintage and recycled fast fashion clothing at an affordable price. Their unique buy, sell and trade system allows you to bring in old items for cash or store credit exchange - plus, every dollar donated goes towards supporting HIV/AIDS services provided by AIDS Healthcare Foundation! Shop here with pride knowing 96 cents from each dollar goes towards helping others.

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