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January 27, 2024
OBC Kitchen - Comfort Food and Bourbon

OBC Kitchen provides comfort food and bourbon in a tavern-like setting. Owned by Bluegrass Hospitality Group, which also owns Malone's, Drake's, Harry's, Aqua Sushi in Lexington as well as Alabama, Tennessee and Indiana locations, OBC Kitchen serves up comfort food in a casual yet chic tavern atmosphere. At Barn Wood Restaurant & Bourbon Lounge, guests […]

January 6, 2024
Barn Wood Shelves: A Stylish and Sustainable Storage Solution

The Beauty of Barn Wood Shelves Barn wood shelves have become a popular choice for homeowners and interior designers seeking a stylish and sustainable storage solution. The unique character and history of reclaimed barn wood make it a versatile and environmentally friendly option for adding warmth and texture to any space. Bringing Rustic Charm to […]

January 6, 2024
Barn Siding: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Material

The Beauty of Barn Siding When it comes to creating a warm, rustic, and inviting atmosphere in a home, barn siding is a popular choice among interior designers and homeowners. The natural, weathered look of barn siding adds character and charm to any space, and its versatility makes it a perfect choice for a wide […]

December 31, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Roof Framing Everything You Need to Know

Unlock the secrets of roof framing with this ultimate guide. From trusses to rafters, this comprehensive handbook will empower you to build sturdy roofs that withstand the test of time. Get ready to transform your construction skills and create structures that reach for the sky.

December 20, 2023
Farmhouse Pool: 10 Charming Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

Farmhouse Pool Designs: 10 Charming Ideas to Transform Your Space When it comes to designing a farmhouse pool, there are endless possibilities to create a charming and inviting space. Whether you're looking to build a new pool or renovate an existing one, incorporating farmhouse design elements can bring a touch of rustic elegance to your […]

November 18, 2023
Pottery Barn Tyler Recliner Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

The Pottery Barn Tyler Recliner is built to last and designed with comfort and style in mind. It features a high back and deep cushions for ultimate relaxation, as well as a durable frame and a smooth reclining mechanism. With its luxurious seating experience and timeless design, the Tyler Recliner is a great choice for homeowners who prioritize comfort and quality in their furniture. However, its higher price tag may make it a non-starter for those on a budget. Read this review to find out if the Pottery Barn Tyler Recliner is worth the investment.

October 24, 2023
5 Bedroom Barndominium: A Luxurious and Spacious Conversion for Modern Living

Barndominiums are swiftly becoming a favored choice for those seeking a unique, spacious, and luxurious living space. Among the myriad of layouts available, the 5 bedroom barndominium shines brightly as a beacon of modern craftsmanship blended with rustic charm. In this in-depth guide, we'll explore the numerous facets of a 5 bedroom barndominium, ranging from […]

October 24, 2023
Barn Style Garages: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Construction, and Functionality

Adding a barn style garage to your property offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal, rustic charm, and functionality. This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights on the design and construction considerations of barn style garages. Learn about the material options, roofing, doors, windows, and functional features, such as flexible interior space and ample storage. Additionally, explore additional design elements, such as exterior finishes, landscaping, and lighting, to further enhance the overall look. Discover how to create a beautiful and functional barn style garage that caters to your specific needs.

October 21, 2023
Barn Wood Ceiling: Transform Your Space with Rustic Charm

If you're looking for more inspiration to create your own rustic charm, take a look at ArchitectureAdrenaline's Pinterest page for more ideas. Or, check out ArchitectureAdrenaline's Instagram for design inspiration. You can also connect with other design lovers who are embracing the barn wood ceiling look.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, installing a barn wood ceiling is one of the most impactful interior upgrades you can make. With the right materials, installation, and maintenance, you can enjoy the rustic charm and authenticity of barn wood for years to come.

September 2, 2023
25 Ideas For A Modern Farmhouse Design

1. Neutral Color Palette A modern farmhouse design often features a neutral color palette, creating a calm and inviting atmosphere. Consider using shades like soft whites, creamy beiges, and warm grays on the walls. These neutral tones provide a versatile backdrop for the rest of the design elements. 2. Shiplap Walls Adding shiplap walls to […]

August 19, 2023
25 Unique Floor Plans For Tiny Homes And Compact Spaces

1. Open Concept Living An open concept floor plan is perfect for tiny homes and compact spaces. By eliminating unnecessary walls and barriers, open concept living maximizes the use of every square inch. It creates a sense of spaciousness and flow, making your tiny home feel larger than it actually is. With an open floor […]

August 11, 2023
History Of Farm Storage Structures

The Evolution of Farm Storage Structures Farm storage structures have played a crucial role in agriculture for centuries. These structures provide a safe and suitable environment for storing various types of crops, seeds, and equipment. Over time, the design and construction of these structures have evolved to meet the changing needs of farmers. Early Farm […]

July 15, 2023
Rustic Barn Doors

Rustic Barn Doors: Enhance Your Home's Charm and Functionality In recent years, rustic barn doors have become a popular interior design trend, adding a touch of charm and uniqueness to any home. Their timeless appeal and versatility make them a perfect choice for homeowners seeking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you live […]

July 15, 2023
Rustic Wood Mantels

Rustic Wood Mantels | Blog The Charm of Rustic Wood Mantels Adding a touch of elegance and warmth to any living space, rustic wood mantels have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. They are versatile, durable, and provide a natural beauty that can transform the look and feel of your home. Whether you have a […]

July 15, 2023
Modern Sliding Barn Doors

The Beauty of Modern Sliding Barn Doors Modern sliding barn doors have gained immense popularity in recent years. Their unique and versatile design has made them a favored choice for homeowners and interior designers alike. With their sleek finish and practical functionality, these doors can effortlessly elevate the style and functionality of any space. In […]

July 14, 2023
Wall Paneling Ideas

Innovative Wall Paneling Ideas for Your Home The walls of a house hold immense potential to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space. Wall paneling is a fantastic way to add character and charm to any room. Whether you want to achieve a rustic, contemporary, or traditional look, there are various wall paneling ideas to […]

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