February 5, 2024

Southern Fire Kitchen - A Soul Food Haven

Southern Fire Kitchen, situated on Northeast Plaza, provides an exquisite menu of classic Southern dishes and house favorites such as fried chicken, savory fried okra and delectable peach cobbler. Their culinary team offers unique regional fare such as Low Country Boil, Shrimp & Grits or perfectly spiced Blackened Catfish that will satisfy every craving!

Hand-crafted cocktails and an impressive whiskey collection round out their extensive menu offerings. Their intimate dining atmosphere combines rustic charm with modern elegance, with comfortable seating arrangements designed to facilitate intimate conversations or festive gatherings. Their moderate pricing meets all budgets while they take great care in accommodating specific dietary needs.

Though their atmosphere and tasty creations set them apart from competitors, what truly sets this restaurant apart is their stellar customer service. A dedicated phone line and email address allow guests to ask any questions or make reservations without the inconvenience of an overcrowded voicemail box - all requests and bookings are promptly handled without delay!

The menu offers options that cater to various dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian and gluten-free fare, with an emphasis on carefully sourcing ingredients. Diners are encouraged to discuss their individual dietary needs with both server and chef in order to customize each dish to individual preferences. In addition to online communication channels, this restaurant also hosts events regularly as well as offering loyalty rewards that enrich guest experiences further.

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