February 9, 2024

Six Steps to Winterizing Above Ground Pool

Winterizing an above ground pool may seem like a daunting task, but these six simple steps will help you seal up and protect it during the dark, frigid winter season.

First, remove all accessories from the pool, including skimmer baskets, return fittings, solar blankets and ladders. Next, dry, fold and store these items safely away until next year's winter comes.

Drain and blow out all water from your pump, heater, filter and chlorinator and then add non-toxic antifreeze to all drain plugs in equipment and skimmer basket. This will prevent frozen pipes from cracking or bursting during winter weather conditions and save yourself having to open your pool again next year.

As soon as your pool is finished, use a skimmer net, brush and vacuum to ensure its cleanliness and prevent the growth of algae, mold and other potential threats that could disrupt water balancing efforts and cause unsightly stains in springtime.

In cold climates, it is wise to place an air pillow at the center of your winter cover in order to absorb the expansion of ice within it and protect the walls of your pool and its sides from damage. Furthermore, this will save both time and effort when spring cleaning takes place; using a leaf-mesh safety cover makes removing leaves, rainwater and snow more easily from clogging up the winter pool cover.

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