February 14, 2024

Prohibition Kitchen in Savannah

prohibition kitchen

Prohibition Kitchen takes over the space once occupied by a Prohibition-themed Gastropub. Guests are transported back to the Roaring 20s through live music, spacious main supper club room seating and an intimate speakeasy bar hidden behind a red door. An extensive menu featuring salads, soups, burgers, sandwiches and entrees such as braised short rib, chargrilled ribeye steak and pan seared salmon await diners as do popular snacks and desserts such as poutine soft pretzels specialty deviled eggs along with hand-spun milkshakes with and without alcohol being served at this eatery!

James Walsh and Ray Burns collaborated on this Charleston-based concept as operating partners. Savannah location features wood paneling, crimson walls, exposed brickwork, tufted horseshoe booths, rustic golden glow lighting and subtle Irish influences such as drinking nooks inspired by Irish saloons.

Beverage director Jim McCourt crafted the bar's cocktail menu around Prohibition's theme. From classic drinks such as the Rye-based Julep and Manhattan to more delicate sippers such as Coraline (fruty gin cocktail with sparkling wine).

At its heart is a modern eatery offering comforting yet global inspired dishes - Florida citrus tart ($8), New Orleans-style beignets ($7) or cookies-and-cream milkshakes ($9) provide sweet finishes.

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