February 8, 2024

Modern Banquette Seating

Dining rooms are essential spaces, whether it's used for cooking, eating or working. Selecting furniture that makes your family and guests comfortable and cozy. A banquette -- commonly referred to as a settee -- adds visual interest while creating an intimate feel in any space.

Modern Banquette Seating

Modern banquette designs typically consist of L-shaped benches with built-in seating that fit seamlessly into tight spaces where full tables with chairs wouldn't. Plus, modern banquette designs offer hidden storage solutions such as hinged seats and drawers; as shown on HGTV this breakfast nook with its tufted banquette featuring stain-resistant fabrics makes for effortless maintenance; its zinc tabletop makes the banquette the star of the room providing ample seating opportunities while giving a view across to breakfast or lunch with family and friends!

Lynn Kloythanomsup of Landed Interiors created this kitchen design featuring an L-shaped banquette which offers ample seating while making use of natural lighting. An eye-catching cobalt fabric brings some brightness into this modern space.

Add a bohemian touch to your banquette seating by layering throw pillows, macrame wall hangings, and other textural accents into the mix. This carefree look creates an informal environment perfect for families while encouraging self-expression.

Enhance the luxuriousness of your banquette dining area by pairing it with luxury bar stools in plush leather or velvet upholstery. Doing this creates an enjoyable dining experience in which guests will surely feel as though they're dining at a restaurant!

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