April 2, 2024

Lighting Over a Kitchen Sink With Window

Lighting over a kitchen sink with window serves a dual function: functional and decorative. It should be bright enough to aid you with maneuvering around and doing dishes while remaining stylish enough to match any design choices made in the space. From pot lights to grand statement chandeliers, these inspiring ideas can help you find what best fits your space.

Kitchen lighting above the sink is an ideal place to add layers to your home design scheme, such as adding pendant lights. They make installation quick and provide targeted task illumination - plus look great too! In this example from Modern Farmhouse Lighting's Laurel light comes to mind, featuring both industrial and farmhouse elements for a timeless style combination that's both modern and nostalgic.

For something less obvious, try selecting a flush mount light that blends seamlessly into the ceiling or wall. Small sconce lights also work well since they can be tailored specifically to any size sink area while still creating an eye-catching impact - this example's black finish unifies it perfectly with the rest of the decor while adding visual texture.

No matter the fixture you select, be sure to consider both your sink and countertop sizes when making your selections. Leave 30 to 40 inches between the sink and the base of each fixture; otherwise, lighting won't be evenly distributed across your workspace and could completely change its ambiance.

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