February 5, 2024

Laura in the Kitchen

Laura Vitale has amassed millions of viewers for her YouTube traditional cooking channel, drawing millions every month to watch her whip up delicious Italian and American dishes from her home studio kitchen in suburban Jersey. A self-described nonna's girl at heart, Laura Vitale has gained immense fame thanks to her easygoing persona that has won her an immense following and even her own Cooking Channel show!

Vitale learned to cook by helping out at her father's pizzeria restaurants in his native Italy. Later, her passion for food and cooking deepened, leading her to create videos documenting traditional Italian recipes in her home kitchen.

Early on in her video series, she used a pre-owned digital camera and edited her cooking scenes using iMovie. Joe encouraged her to put out her work by providing a dedicated kitchen studio in their basement so that she could film more frequently.

From quick suppers like Tortellini with Pink Parmesan Sauce and One-Pan Chicken to leisurely entrees such as Spinach and Artichoke-Stuffed Shells and Pot Roast alla Pizzaiola, Laura's recipes are designed for those who need healthy meals quickly without much time on their hands. Her fridge is always filled with ingredients she can cook quickly while adding additional flavors - like capers, olives and anchovy paste for flavor boost.

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