January 26, 2024

How to Tie a Toga Using a Bed Sheet

how to tie a toga

Are You Searching For Costume Ideas to Wear to Roman-Themed Parties and School Plays? Look No Further! Dress Up in a Toga

Fold a bed sheet lengthwise so it covers the area you'd like it to, such as between your waistline and knees for men and from neckline to mid-calf for ladies.

1. Fold the sheet in half

Start by folding your fitted sheet lengthwise, making sure it can cover the area you desire coverage of (for guys, this would likely include their waistlines; for female users it can range anywhere between the neckline to mid-calf).

Reach down and grab one of the corners hanging in front of you; raise this corner up, folding it over onto one of the other two corners held in your left hand.

HGTV provides an in-depth tutorial for folding a fitted sheet properly, which is particularly helpful for beginners. Once folded, your sheet can then be formed into a toga.

2. Drape the sheet around your chest

No matter if it's for a frat party or just school play-acting, a simple white bed sheet can easily transform into the timeless look of a toga. This ancient Greek style of dress is both fashionable and affordable - perfect for adding some classic style into any ensemble!

Toga-wearers would typically drape one end of the fabric over their left shoulder, leaving roughly one-third of it trailing down their backs. This allowed a free arm to extend from beneath its billowing folds - essential for public gestures in political or oratorical contexts.

To create a toga, begin by folding a sheet lengthwise so it reaches as wide as you desire your toga to be. Hold one corner in each hand with approximately one foot of excess fabric in your left. Next, drape one end of the sheet over your left shoulder and secure with a safety pin.

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3. Make halter straps

Add a belt to your toga to help secure it around your waist and create an empire waist that flatters more, as well as providing additional support for shoulders and neck when wearing it. This will also provide extra assistance during toga use.

Tie a piece of cording into a crisscross pattern at the top of your shoulder strap - whether that be leather cording, thin rope or even chain-link necklace chains. This makes your strap look fancier while adding some flair.

Throw the final end of the sheet over your shoulder and secure it with a safety pin to conceal any knots from shoulder straps that might show through. This is an effective way to hide them.

For added comfort, try wearing a white slip beneath your toga for easier wear and removal if spending any time outdoors. This option may also make transitions between indoor and outdoor events more manageable!

4. Wrap the sheet around your waist

Once popular among Ancient Greeks and now worn at Fraternity and Sorority parties, togas are simple to create with materials found around your house - bed sheets! Additionally, shorts (men), tube top or strapless bra (women), and safety pins will complete this ensemble.

Holding the sheet horizontally behind you, drape one end diagonally across your chest and under your arm. Wrap this longer piece all the way around your backside before wrapping it under your other arm and around your chest again before tucking the end which has hung limply over your shoulder.

Spend some time smoothing the layers and folds before using safety pins to secure and adjust your toga as needed. Consider adding an empire waist belt or rope, and throw the final end over your shoulder using either a safety pin or decorative brooch to secure it in place.

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