June 30, 2023

How To Keep Chickens Out Of Garden

Having a garden is a joy for many people. It provides fresh produce, a serene environment, and a fulfilling hobby. However, for those who keep chickens, there can be a constant battle to keep these curious creatures out of the garden. From scratching up newly planted seeds to devouring flowers, chickens can wreak havoc on a carefully nurtured garden. Fortunately, there are several effective methods to keep chickens out of the garden without harming them. In this article, we will explore some practical tips and strategies to protect your garden from these feathered foragers.

Fence it In

One of the most reliable ways to keep chickens out of your garden is by installing a sturdy fence. Ensure the fence is at least four to six feet high to prevent these determined fliers from jumping over it. Use materials such as chicken wire or hardware cloth, burying it several inches underground to discourage digging. Regularly check for any holes or gaps that chickens might exploit, as they are quite adept at finding weaknesses in defenses. A secure fence can effectively deter chickens from accessing your garden and allow your plants to flourish undisturbed.

Create Physical Barriers

In addition to a fence, you can use physical barriers to protect your garden from chicken invasion. One approach is to cover vulnerable areas such as newly planted seedbeds or sensitive plants with chicken wire or netting. Secure the barrier tightly to prevent any gaps that chickens may squeeze through. Another option is to use row covers or cloches to shield individual plants or garden beds. These covers provide protection from both chickens and other pests while allowing sunlight and water to penetrate. By physically blocking access, you can safeguard your garden from the curious beaks of your chickens.

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Distract with Delicious Treats

Chickens are naturally curious and love to explore new areas. By providing them with a designated space, filled with enticing treats, you can divert their attention away from your garden. Create a chicken-friendly area with ample space, shade, and plenty of their favorite treats such as bugs, kitchen scraps, or special treats like mealworms or grains. Make sure to maintain this area and keep it constantly supplied with appealing goodies. By giving your chickens an appealing alternative, they will be less inclined to venture into your precious garden.

Plant Chicken-Resistant Crops

Another proactive measure is to choose plants that chickens are less interested in. While chickens can be fond of many garden plants, certain varieties are more resistant to their foraging tendencies. Herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme, along with ornamentals such as marigolds, lavender, and Mexican marigolds, are generally unpalatable to chickens. Additionally, planting tall grasses or installing trellises with climbing plants can create physical barriers that deter chickens' access. By selecting chicken-resistant crops, you can minimize their appeal to your feathered friends.

Keeping chickens out of your garden does not have to be a constant battle. With a combination of physical barriers, distraction techniques, and strategic plant choices, you can easily protect your garden from these curious creatures. Remember to invest in a sturdy fence, use physical barriers when necessary, provide a dedicated chicken area with tempting treats, and plant chicken-resistant crops. By implementing these measures, you can enjoy the beauty and productivity of your garden while keeping your chickens happily occupied elsewhere.

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Keeping chickens at bay to preserve the serenity of your garden can be a nuanced task. While a fence is a sturdy choice, the question of how high a fence to keep chickens out of the garden often arises; a four to six feet height is generally recommended. However, if you're pondering on how to keep chickens out of the garden without fencing, employing physical barriers like net covers or cloches can be instrumental, especially for safeguarding mulch beds. A peculiar yet effective deterrent is coffee grounds; spreading them around your garden may keep chickens away as they find the scent unappealing. For a more structured barrier, fencing specific areas of your garden can be a pragmatic choice to keep both your and your neighbor's chickens at bay. In situations where neighboring poultry venture into your garden, a polite conversation with your neighbor or using chicken repellent spray (ensure it's organic and non-toxic) can provide relief. To prevent chickens from tearing up your yard, creating a dedicated chicken-friendly area with enticing treats can distract them, preserving the integrity of your garden. Through a blend of physical barriers, deterrents, and open communication, maintaining a chicken-free garden is an achievable goal.

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