February 7, 2024

How to Arrange Formal Living Room Furniture

The formal living room is a more subdued place to entertain and typically does not feature television. Ideal for cocktail parties and holiday guests, this style of living room allows you to showcase expensive art, family heirlooms or antique furniture as well as more opulent upholstery fabrics such as silk and velvet that require high maintenance levels; additionally, washable slipcovers can add new life and give the furniture an updated look.

Arranging seating symmetrically is key when designing any room, from couches and armchairs on either side to adding different materials and colors for interest. Don't be afraid to experiment by mixing things up by mixing up material types and colors - all can contribute to creating an elegant environment!

Focusing the room around an anchor point such as a fireplace, built-ins with bookshelves or an eye-catching window is essential in creating an inviting and upscale ambiance.

Consider also the comfort level of your sofas and chairs when planning a formal living room. Extra padding shouldn't be present like in everyday sofas - instead you want cushions with more spring than sag!

Though it can be tempting to fill your formal living room with eye-catching furniture pieces, to modernise its style the best way is through layering up different textures and fabrics. Mixing materials can help avoid that same old, Matchy-Matchy look seen in our parent's homes; use leather chairs and woven sofas for an appealing mix.

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