April 2, 2024

How Long Does It Take For A Watermelon To Ripe?

Watermelons can be easily identified when they're ready to be harvested by looking at their skin, according to The New York Times. A yellow, buttery, or creamy hue indicates it may be time for harvesting, while its curly tendril, commonly known as its "pig tail," will begin turning brown and wisping down from each melons stem - signifying its time for picking.

Weight is another telltale indicator of watermelons being fully ripe. A fully ripened watermeon will weigh very heavily for its size, feeling dense and being full of juice - two hallmarks of maturity that indicate full flavor! As mentioned above, its top should have faded, while its center yellow or orange. Furthermore, its ends will be blunt rather than pointed - pointed ends indicate too little time has been allowed for full maturation to take place and may result in less flavorful fruits.

Because watermelons do not ripen once harvested from their vine, you must inspect them prior to purchasing them. While it might seem strange in a grocery store setting, gently knocking on one with your knuckles can help assess ripeness: when hit properly it should produce a hollow sound when hit, while an unripe melons should thud on impact. Furthermore, keep in mind that an ideal ripe watermelon will have brown scaly spots; more spots means sweeter fruit will taste!

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