October 28, 2023

Graham Baba Architects: Creating a Legacy of Architectural Excellence

From stunning architectural designs blending contemporary and historical elements, to the firm's dedication to meaningful and enduring spaces, Graham Baba Architects stands out as a leader in Seattle's architectural landscape. Founded in 2006 by Brett Baba and James Graham, the firm has made its mark with an impressive portfolio of inspiring projects and has been honored with prestigious awards from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and other local and national publications. Explore this blog post to uncover the history and legacy of Graham Baba Architects.

Graham Baba Architects: Creating a Legacy of Architectural Excellence

Seattle is known for its stunning architectural designs that incorporate contemporary elements while respecting the region's history. One prominent firm that has made its mark in the city is Graham Baba Architects. With an impressive portfolio and a commitment to excellence, Graham Baba Architects continues to shape the architectural landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

History and Philosophy

Graham Baba Architects was founded in 2006 by Brett Baba and James Graham. Both architects bring unique expertise and diverse backgrounds to the firm, fostering a collaborative environment where creativity thrives. The duo shares a passion for creating spaces that enhance the communities they serve.

The firm's philosophy revolves around the belief that each project should capture the essence of its surroundings, telling a story that resonates with the people who engage with the space. By combining their architectural knowledge with a deep understanding of local culture, history, and context, Graham Baba Architects produces designs that are meaningful and enduring.

Notable Projects

Graham Baba Architects has an impressive portfolio of projects that span various sectors, from commercial spaces to cultural institutions. Their works stand out for their thoughtful integration into the urban fabric and their sensitivity to the natural environment.

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One of the firm's notable projects is The Old Rainier Brewery, a historic landmark in Seattle that was transformed into a vibrant mixed-use development. By preserving and restoring the existing structure while adding modern elements, Graham Baba Architects successfully breathed new life into this iconic site.

Another remarkable project is The Spheres, located at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle. As the architects of this unique horticultural pavilion, Graham Baba Architects seamlessly blended nature and technology to create a serene and inspiring environment for Amazon employees.

Awards and Recognition

The dedication to architectural excellence exhibited by Graham Baba Architects has garnered them numerous awards and recognitions. Their ability to create spaces that harmonize function, aesthetics, and sustainability has been celebrated by the industry and the wider community.

In 2018, Graham Baba Architects received the prestigious AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Firm Award, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the field. They have also been honored with several AIA Seattle Honor Awards, AIA Washington Civic Design Awards, and multiple accolades from local and national publications.


Graham Baba Architects has firmly established itself as a leader in the architectural industry, leaving an indelible mark on Seattle's built environment. Through their commitment to creating meaningful spaces and their dedication to excellence, the firm continues to shape the region's architectural legacy.

To learn more about Graham Baba Architects and view some of their remarkable projects, follow them on Pinterest and Instagram, using the hashtags #architecture, #design, #sustainability, #history, and #Seattle.

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