February 9, 2024

First Mile Kitchen Opens in Wichita

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Wichita restaurants welcome large crowds on Christmas Eve and many remain open, generating extra revenue that day. Napoli Italian Eatery co-owner Courtney Wade considers Christmas Eve one of her busiest days, noting: "It's wonderful; we work hard all year and know it's going to be busy; we love that!" she noted.

Nick Korbee and Amanda Luginbill, two former New York City restaurateurs with connections to south central Kansas are opening a restaurant that focuses on locally sourced ingredients. Reopening Good Egg space at Bradley Fair as First Mile Kitchen will feature breakfast, lunch and dinner using produce grown or raised in south central Kansas.

As part of their attempt to share Wichita diners a taste of their past, this month Korbee and Shereene will host an Egg Shop Invasion at First Mile Kitchen. He'll put at least one Egg Shop dish onto weekday lunch menus as well as offering two evening events featuring breakfast for dinner with recipes from their 2017 cookbook; dates for these events will also be posted socially.

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