September 10, 2023

Construction Operations Manager Salary

The Role of a Construction Operations Manager

A construction operations manager plays a crucial role in the planning and execution of construction projects. They are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations, coordinating with various teams, managing budgets, and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within the specified budget. This demanding position requires a unique skill set, which warrants an attractive salary.

Salary Factors for Construction Operations Managers

Several factors influence the salary of a construction operations manager. These factors include the level of experience, the size and complexity of projects managed, geographic location, and the candidate's educational qualifications. In general, construction operations managers with more experience in handling large-scale projects and with higher educational degrees tend to command higher salaries.


Experience plays a vital role in determining the salary of a construction operations manager. Those with several years of experience in the construction industry, including managing a variety of projects, are more likely to receive higher compensation. Construction companies value candidates who have demonstrated their ability to handle complex tasks and challenges.

Size and Complexity of Projects

The scale and intricacy of projects managed by a construction operations manager also impact their salary. Managers handling large-scale, high-budget projects often earn more due to the increased responsibilities and higher stakes involved. Their ability to handle complex projects efficiently and successfully contributes to their market value and earning potential.

Geographic Location

The geographic location of the construction project can influence a construction operations manager's salary. Generally, salaries tend to be higher in urban areas with a higher cost of living and more significant construction activity. In contrast, salaries may be lower in rural areas with lower construction demand and a lower cost of living. It's essential for construction operations managers to consider regional variations when assessing salary expectations.

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Educational Qualifications

Higher educational qualifications can significantly impact a construction operations manager's salary. A bachelor's degree in construction management, civil engineering, or a related field is typically the minimum requirement for this role. However, advanced degrees, such as a master's in construction management or business administration, can enhance earning potential. Graduates with additional certifications and specialized training may also negotiate higher salaries.

Average Salary Range for Construction Operations Managers

The range of salaries for construction operations managers varies depending on the factors mentioned above. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for construction managers, including operations managers, was $97,180 as of May 2020. However, salaries can range from around $57,000 to well over $165,000 per year.


As the construction industry continues to grow, the demand for skilled construction operations managers remains high. The salary for these professionals is influenced by a range of factors, including experience, project size, location, and educational qualifications. Individuals considering a career in construction operations management should evaluate these factors to determine their earning potential and negotiate an appropriate salary that reflects their skills and responsibilities.

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