April 3, 2024

Choosing the Right Type of Garbage Bags

Trash bags are essential components of keeping any restaurant, office, warehouse or receiving area clean and efficient. While there are various kinds of trash bags that may be utilized - each offering its own advantages and drawbacks - there's one perfect one out there for every application and environment!

Traditional plastic trash bags are sturdy and waterproof, with convenient tie strings for quick tidies. However, these products are made from virgin plastic derived from fossil fuels - contributing to pre-production plastic pollution or "nurdles." Furthermore, these nonbiodegrading bags will never biodegrade.

Recycled plastic trash bags are an eco-friendly alternative, since they contain between 55% - 80% recycled content, such as post-consumer waste that's been diverted from local recycling programs and reused instead of going directly to landfills. But recycled bags don't solve every environmental problem either - some new plastic will end up in landfills unbiodegraded while their price may increase due to higher production costs.

One important aspect to keep in mind when purchasing plastic bags is their seal. Most bags use flat seals; however, certain varieties come equipped with star seals instead for optimal leak-proofness. An X-shaped seal also adds strength and puncture resistance.

Selecting the proper garbage bags can significantly cut down on waste streams at your facility while saving you money. Opting for conventional bags with thinner gauges can decrease waste production costs up to 20% or more.

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